Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The GAME Plan and my STUDENTS!!!!

I think that the whole purpose of my GAME Plan is to become a more informed and more effective educator in the classroom. How can I properly prepare my students for the 21st century if I lack the skills necessary to teach them? By learning new ways to incorporate and use technology in the classroom I will be able to better prepare my students as well as engage them more in their learning. Teaching 21st century learners can be tricky especially since they live in a society that relies heavily on technology on a day to day basis. The days of just relying on your blackboard, well decorated classroom and maybe if your lucky an over head projector just won't cut it these days. Students want lights, camera, action when they walk into your room. They want to be entertained and engaged while learning at the same time. Tough act to follow, right? Not as hard when equipped with up to date technology and the knowledge to use it creatively in the classroom. As I continue on my journey I hope to learn, learn, and learn about using different resources that will engage, entertain and educate my little angels! While this school year has been trial and error with the new things I have learned at Walden next year will build a more solid foundation to stand upon.

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  1. Linda to Jennifer
    I understand about this year being trial and error, it has also been stressful trying out new ideas and techniques, working to incorporate the ISTE Standards, taking classes and keeping a family and home up. As you mentioned, I also hope to start out the next school year with a stronger foundation. I realize it is necessary for educators to keep up on what is changing in the world especially where technology is concerned. Our students will be bored stiff in class, if we do not find ways to engage them in their learning. With all the technologies students have access to at home, if they come to school to be lectured to, it is not going to work. You also mentioned the lights, camera and action engaging them; I worry about not having access to these types of tools. Our school is cutting corners; layoff notices are starting to go out. How are we going to promote this type of learning when we do not have the technologies to do so?