Wednesday, March 17, 2010


In order to accomplish the GAME Plan that I have set for myself I need to find the proper tools and resources to help me on my journey. One of the first things I need to do is to look for workshops related to technology that help me understand how to truly use technology to my benefit. By attending workshops I will be exposed to a variety of resources and ideas to use on my own.The workshops would provide a good starting point for learning more about technology. I also need to begin familiarizing myself more with the technology I do have at my disposal and could readily use in my classroom with my students. By becoming comfortable with the smart board technology I recently acquired this year I will feel more confident in using the technology in the class with my students. These are only a couple of things I can use to meet my goals but as I go along and reflect on what I have learned there will be more that I will need or want to know.


  1. Do you live in a big area that offers technology workshops? Amazingly there are good tutortial videos on Youtube about using the Smart Board. You might even find some about using other types of technology. I found some videos on using the Flip Camera that was helpful.

    Good Luck in your adventures.

    Take Care,
    Lynette Vega

  2. Learning more about technology and feeling comfortable is a great way to meet the needs of our students in the rapidly changing world we live in. Dr. Ross discusses how many teachers and counselors are not even aware of what assistive technolgies are available for our use in teaching all students (Laureate Education, Inc., 2009). A big problem we have is finding the workshops to attend that will train us to use different tools effectively. Another problem I have is getting the technology coordinator to unlblock sites for us to use in the classroom. We can not even use Blogspot for our blogs. It is a constnt battle with them. But, as you mentioned when we become comfortable using it, we do a better job teaching it, which is what I am working on now. Good luck finding the workshops.
    Linda Stubbs

    Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2009). Program six. Meeting Students Needs with Technology Part two [Motion picture]. Integrating technology across the content areas. Baltimore: Author.

  3. Jennifer, we have similar needs in fulfilling our goals. I have been browsing a site that gives some great reading on integrating technology in the classroom. I have not had an opportunity to go to all of its links, but the ones that I have read through have been great. Hopefully you will find this site beneficial: It carries the title Integrating Technology in the Classroom.

  4. Hello Everyone!

    I am lucky enough to live in a state that offers many technology workshop. New Jersey is one of a few states that have adopted 21st century learning as well as Grant Wiggins UBD which is similair to the UDL we learned this week. I am currently working on learning how to use the technology that I have available to me. As I learn how t use I am also incorpoarting bits and pieces into my lessons and projects with students. To pgmediaspec, it can be diificult to get the permission to use particular programs and softwares. The ironic thing about technology is that schools want use to use it but the limit what we can use with our kids. Luckily in my district we have access to alot of things and our tech guys are great at getting us the access we need for sites such as blogger. Thanks for the links and advice you all shared, I will be looking into it all.


  5. Finding conferences can sometimes be expensive or hard to schedule in our busy lives, but they are usually worth your time. I live close by in Maryland where our state holds an annual technology conference where vendors and great speakers come together for two days. I have been going to this conference for three years now and have learned a lot each time.

    If you have a hard time finding a conference that suits you, check out these two sites that have online tutorials:


    Both of these sites have some great tutorials with step by step directions that are easy to use. I hope this helps you in your search! Have fun learning!

  6. Attending workshops is a good way to ensure that your technology integration aspirations work to the best benefit of your students. We learn best from each other and workshops are an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge through interaction with colleagues and exposure to new information. However, I've found that though the field of education stresses hands on learning workshops are often anything but. You may want to get input from those who have taken the workshop prior to attending. Are you interested in presenting to colleagues? If so, you may want to present the information gained from class and other resources to colleagues. Preparing for the workshop will enhance the knowledge you currently possess as you'll have to conduct research as you do so. I'd also like to suggest checking both and for tutorials and examples of the best uses for the Smartboard and other technologies you have access to. It's important to use technology to not just do things differently but to do novel and different things.