Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final Reflection....

The past eight weeks have opened my eyes up to a whole new world of technology that can be used to teach and prepare my students for the world that awaits them. Even though I had began this class with some knowledge and experience in technology I was truly clueless as to how I could incorporate it to enhance the learning of my students. Once I began to explore the world of blogs, wikis, and pod casts I automatically became hooked! While the school year may be over I am already anticipating the new school year that will begin in September. Hopefully when I return I will have a smart board and projector that will allow me to begin my journey of incorporating technology into my lessons with my students. My plan is to create a blog that will allow my students to interact outside of the classroom on a variety of topics that relate world/American history. Being able to use technology to teach in a new way allows my students to take more ownership over their learning. It will allow me to take the day's lesson beyond the four walls of my classroom. This class has taught me that technology allows students to learn new ideas and concepts on a much deeper level. I will no longer be their main source of information, they will learn how to find their own answers through use of the world wide web! As I continue to learn the connection between technology and education I will be able to better serve and prepare my students for their futures. Through technology they will develop a new style of learning that will help them grow and become lifelong learners. My goal over the course of the next two years will be to use the technologies I have learned through this course to enhance the level of education my students receive. It is important that I use the "right"tools to successfully prepare them for the work place and society that lies ahead awaiting them when they leave high school. The main obstacle I will face in terms of incorporating technologies such as the wikis and blogs will be accessibility to the resources needed to bring those things to my students. In order to overcome that main obstacle I will continue to learn and bring the knowledge I gain to the attention of those necessary persons in my district who can make the decisions necessary to make my goals a reality.


  1. Jennifer,

    I, too, hope that you have a SmartBoard and projector when school begins, if not before the year starts. Will you or have you received training in using the SmartBoard? Do you have ideas how you will implement this technology in your classroom?

    Your idea of a blog will undoubtedly bring about student enthusiasm and involvement to a higher level. How do you think that this blog site plus other technology that you intend to implement will change their style of learning?

    In the reflection instructions to end this course, two goals over two years were to be described. What other goal than implementation of the technologies recommended in this course? Do you have a technology committee in your school district? I'm sure that your input would enhance the school's progress toward effective use of technology in lessons across the curriculum.

    Dr. Howe

  2. Jennifer,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have just started a class that discusses the various technologies that are available to use in the classroom. I am anxiously awaiting to learn more. That is wonderful that you are able to take what you have learned and immediately incorporate it into your teaching practices.

    I too like the idea of students engaging in blogs to share their ideas and experiences with others that relates to what we are discussing in class.

    Students today are already technologically advanced and come to school with that knowledge. It is our job as teachers to embrace the technology and use it to our advantage when teaching students.

    I wish you all the best as you incorporate technology into your class!